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Kings of Sinks did not become kings overnight nor were we awarded these crowns before our establishment within the plumbing industry. No kingdom was built in a day as there are several characteristics that now allow the owners Hal and Arthur Manes to refer to themselves as Kings of Sinks. We would like to reveal these traits as our 3 S’s- Stock, Service, and Savings. Kings of Sinks specializes entirely in sinks and warewashing equipment but what does that really consist of to meet your exact plumbing demands? Our stock spans a total of 4 South Florida warehouses including hand washing sinks, underbar sinks, Kings of Sinks’ select Kingline Series, sink accessories, and faucets. Furthermore, a key gem in the crowns proudly worn by Hal and Arthur symbolizes stainless steel fabricated sinks which feature the service elements of expert design and custom fabrication catering to all of your detailed requests. Kings of Sinks’ service continues into product assembly as equipment modification can turn your wishes for the perfect sink into a reality. However, the ultimate goal for Kings of Sinks is customer satisfaction by way of savings in terms of dollars and sense. Hal and Arthur’s top priority upon determination of the best equipment for the customer is to ship that merchandise the next business day so that it can be used immediately as we all know time equals money. Kings of Sinks can also assure customers that direct contact via telephone and e-mail will be made with none other than the owners Hal and Arthur Manes to make doing business together a smooth experience. Therefore, allow Kings of Sinks to open the doors to our kingdom as we become the first and last destination for all your plumbing equipment needs.

For restaurant sinks including stainless steel sinks, hand sinks, drop-in sinks, NSF sinks, underbar sinks and other restaurant sinks, sink faucets and other sink accessories, please shop our online catalog on

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